2017 SinC/LA Workshops

Patio Room, Faith Presbyterian Church

5000 Colfax Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91601

A SinC/LA Special Presentation

Our October Workshop!

Write a Novel Using 7 Simple Steps

Saturday, October 7, 1–3 p.m.

Patio Room, Faith Presbyterian Church

5000 Colfax Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91601


Jessica Lourey MA, MS, has been a tenured professor of English and sociology since 1998 and is a recipient of The Loft’s Excellence in Teaching Fellowship. Author of fifteen books, Jess is a Psychology Today blogger, TEDx presenter, and leads interactive, empowering creative writing workshops and retreats all over the world. And she’s bringing her talents to Los Angeles just for us!

Participants will be shown how to go from idea to completed novel using the seven-step POP Method in addition to receiving detailed information on cracking the world of publishing. Bring something to write with and on, as well as some potential ideas you’d like to fictionalize.

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Author, actress, and popular voice-over artist, PETREA BURCHARD, brings a wealth of talent and knowledge to SinC/LA’s final workshop of the year. Learn how a character’s physical descriptions (appearance, quirks, dialects, etc.) helps advance the story without detracting from it. How are these choices motivated? Bring paper, pen, and a character sketch of your main character, and be ready for some fun (and challenging!) brainstorming with Petrea Burchard from the Story Kitchen workshops.

Past Workshops:

Well said! 

GEORGIA JEFFRIES guided an enthusiastic group through the rigors of crafting realistic character-speak at our July “Writing Dialog” workshop. Offering tips on character revelation through conflict, the rhythm of the scene, subtext, power shifts, and showing through action, Georgia had attendees act out scenes, and then led a lively follow-up discussion. We’ll be talking about this one for a long time.