2017 SinC/LA Workshops


May 20, 1–3 p.m.

Patio Room, Faith Presbyterian Church

5000 Colfax Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91601

Most writers hate to network, but we all know how important the process it is, and perhaps none better than LAURA BRENNAN, host of Destination Mystery, a weekly podcast featuring interviews with mystery writers from all over the country. A skilled interviewer and successful author with an eclectic background in print, television, and film, Brennan understands what it takes to open new doors for authors looking to promote themselves. This two-hour networking workshop will include tips on interviewing, meeting new people, how to stimulate conversation and, most important, how to follow up.

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Non-members $25.00

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SinC/LA proudly presents GEORGIA JEFFERIES for this instructive class on dialog. Georgia cracked TV’s glass ceiling as a writer-producer of Emmy-winning drama, the first individual woman to be honored with a WGA Award for Episodic Drama. She has created original pilots for Showtime, ABC, CBS, NBC, and is now adapting her HBO docudrama, The Good Soldier, into a book and mini-series.  A tenured professor at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts where she teaches graduate thesis, Georgia just completed a supernatural thriller based on the true story behind her aunt’s murder in the Illinois heartland. For this workshop, participants will be asked to bring a 2–3-page printed scene from a script with dialog, to share, “cast” and read aloud in a workshop setting.  The focus will be on how to create “less is more” dialogue, the character-revealing “iceberg” scene, and how to avoid exposition by delivering information through dramatic conflict.


A very special SinC/LA workshop by author Jessica Lourey. According to common wisdom, we all have a book inside of us. But how do we select and then write our most significant story―the one that helps us to evolve and invites pure creativity into our lives, the one that people line up to read?  Join author of fifteen books, Psychology Today blogger, TEDx presenter, and college writing instructor Jessica Lourey for the answers. Participants will be shown how to go from idea to completed novel using the seven-step POP Method in addition to receiving detailed information on cracking the world of publishing. This seminar has been taught by Jessica from New York City to San Francisco, and now it’s coming to our neck of the woods! Bring something to write with and on, as well as some potential experiences you’d like to fictionalize.



Author, actress, and popular voice-over artist, PETREA BURCHARD, brings a wealth of talent and knowledge to SinC/LA’s final workshop of the year. Learn how a character’s physical descriptions (appearance, quirks, dialects, etc.) helps advance the story without detracting from it. How are these choices motivated? Bring paper, pen, and a character sketch of your main character, and be ready for some fun (and challenging!) brainstorming with Petrea Burchard from the Story Kitchen workshops.